Upsc Ias Best Optional Subject

Upsc ias best optional subject

· There are many factors to consider before selecting the best optional subject for IAS exam such as syllabi, time available for preparation, etc. The syllabus of the subjects offered by UPSC is somewhere midway between the graduate and PG levels. · Philosophy is the best optional subject for UPSC mains, but only if you have your interest in it. It is a study of knowledge, behavior of mind and existence.

You really can’t study Philosophy with full focus, until and unless you have full interest thinking of Indian or foreign philosophers. · Which is the best UPSC optional subject for medical students and doctors Out of the available options (refer to the table of subjects above), Medical Science is a natural choice.

There have been several IAS toppers with a medical background who took medical science as their optional. · Easiest Optional Subject for UPSC Exams: The judgment of choosing the easiest/best optional subject for UPSC is a deep-rooted position for civil service candidates.

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Just like IAS coaching, the optional subject is very important. Read how to choose the best optional subject for IAS before starting your IAS coaching. · No subject can be termed as the best or the worst possible optional subject for the UPSC exam. A subject that might be the best Optional subject for an IAS aspirant might turn out to be the worst one for you or vice versa.

As already said earlier, all. Aspirants must choose the Best Optional Subject for UPSC on high scores achieved in the previous years.

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Never choose the optional subject based on the top scores of the toppers. Every year different toppers get different scores in the optional subject. There is no standard that every year that optional subject will be high scoring. There are a variety of subjects offered by the UPSC.

When you select an optional subject, you should keep in mind the following factors: 1. Your expertise/prior knowledge in the subject 2. Your interest and liking for the subject 3. Availability. · In short, the answer would be - There is no such “best subject”. · UPSC IAS Mains Tips to Choose the Right Optional Subject UPSC: In the new pattern for UPSC Mains, candidates can opt for only one Optional subject.

· Most Scoring Optional Subject in IAS Exam The UPSC civil services exam is conducted in three stages namely, the prelims, the mains and the UPSC board interview. The UPSC prelims exam consists of 2 objective papers.

The UPSC mains exam, however, consists of. Syllabus of UPSC Optional Subject The syllabus and the requirement for coaching should be considered next. An optional with a limited syllabus is ideal since it will take lesser time for preparation and will have a chance of scoring higher marks. With a small and limited syllabus, it is possible to cover the subject within a period of months. · For the civil services examination, UPSC provides a list of optional subjects. Candidates have to choose one optional for the mains exam.

UPSC IAS Mains 2021: Tips to Choose the Right Optional Subject

The optional subject has two papers and each paper accounts for marks. Candidates can choose from the list of optional subjects that also includes literature subjects (English and Indian languages).

This is the best and the worst thing for you simultaneously. Here’s what you need to know BEFORE you the best optional subject for you and WHY it is a critically important choice Reason 1: Weightage in the Final Score in the UPSC Mains Exam. The optional subject is truly a heavy-weight.

List of Optional Subjects in UPSC IAS Exam

Best Optional Subjects for UPSC IAS The role that optional subjects plays in the UPSC civil services examination cannot be under-estimated. These subjects can either fulfill or break your dream of being an IAS/IPS officer.

“George orwell” in his novel “ animal farm” writes all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. · The choice of which is the best optional subject for UPSC is an individual decision of every competitor as indicated by his/ her qualities and shortcomings.

How To Choose Optional Subject? (By: Dr. Vikas Divyakirti)

In any case, only the aspirant knows their strengths, weaknesses, taste, and availability of study materials. ‘XYZ’ IAS topper scored with ‘ABC’ optional. Should I take the same? Choosing an Optional Subject for UPSC should be based on the following factors: Average success rate of UPSC optional papers, a higher success rate would be a good indicator of the availability of IAS study material for those subjects; Candidates’ expertise in the optional subject, for example, a practicing doctor would have considerable expertise on Medical Science and should ideally choose.

To overcome a trivial problem such as choosing the best subject for optional papers VI and VII ( each), one must go through the following. Criteria For Choosing IAS Optional Subjects. There are certain criteria you must keep in mind before choosing the UPSC optional subjects. · UPSC: UPSC IAS Mains exam consists of 9 papers which include 2 optional papers.

In this article, candidates can check the list of optional subjects and syllabus offered by UPSC. The definition of best UPSC optional subject can vary from one candidate to another based on his educational background.

Upsc Ias Best Optional Subject. Which Subject Is Good For IAS Optional In Hindi Medium ...

Most students commit a mistake of choosing optional subjects for UPSC on the basis of toppers’ score in that subject, or because of other factors like. In IAS exam preparation, certain optional subjects are very popular.

Which Is The Most Opted Optional Subject In IAS? - Careerindia

The most popular optional subject, in the last years, is Geography. · UPSC Civil Service Exam allow to choose one optional subject to every candidate, you can check last year topper list with their optional subject. UPSC Civil Service Exam: Union Public Service Commission conduct Civil Service Exam every year in three phases i.e.

Prelims, Mains written Exam and interview. · The decision to choose an IAS Mains Optional subject is the toughest thing for the candidates who are preparing for the civil services. Aspirants must choose one optional paper for the UPSC Civil Services Exam, and it carries marks out of marks. Choosing an optional subject is the deciding factor in releasing the final ranks. Check the list of UPSC IAS optional subjects for mains examination Learn to select the best optional subject according to the latest UPSC syllabus here.

Upsc ias best optional subject

We list out the optional subjects offered in the civil services (IAS) examination. It is clear now that the provision of optional subjects in the Main Examination stage only and not in. · What were the optional subjects of UPSC Toppers in the last 7 years? Which is the most favourite optional subject? Is there a pattern? The selection of the optional subject in the Main Exam (written stage) plays a crucial role in the success of candidates. UPSC allows candidates to choose one subject from about 50 optional subjects mentioned in the syllabus.

· In the Mains examination, the candidate is to choose one Optional Subject from the UPSC list of 26 Optional Subjects. Each Optional Subject has two papers of Marks each thereby making about 30% of Mains Exam ( Marks out of Marks). A candidate is free to choose any of the listed optional subject irrespective of his/her academic.

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Tips To Prepare UPSC Statistics Optional Subject As per the latest update, the UPSC IAS application process is all set to be commenced from February So, it’s time to buckle up your shows and start preparing for the UPSC IAS exam. · UPSC: Considered as one of the easiest optional subjects, many candidates choose Sociology as an optional for UPSC IAS Mains Exam.

Check here the detailed UPSC IAS. Synopsis IAS provides the best, highly relevant, exam oriented, most comprehensive, and shortest time duration courses for UPSC Optional Subjects.

Geography Optional for UPSC. Geology Optional for UPSC. Public Administration Optional for UPSC. All the Optional. Subjects in IAS/UPSC Mains There are many common subjects between the papers of IAS Prelims and Mains. The subjects included in General Studies-1 (GS-1) exam are Indian Culture, Modern Indian history, History of the World, Indian Society, and World’s Physical geography.

So, History and Geography are the common subjects between Prelims and Mains. The IAS exam syllabus given by UPSC may appear simple on face value but requires a lot of study and understanding of each compulsary and optional subject and its portions. The UPSC subjects in civil services are designed to judge you on your understanding of things around you as only an informed person can take informed decisions as a civil. In this article, we have listed the UPSC optional subjects that a candidate can choose from with an expert strategy on how to choose the best optional subject for UPSC.

You can click on the hyperlinks to check out the syllabus and strategy to prepare the particular subject. List of UPSC Optional Subjects. · In the UPSC Civil Services Main Examination (written), candidates are allowed to choose one optional subject.

Upsc ias best optional subject

Which is the favourite optional subject of most aspirants? Any guesses? The Most Popular Optional Subject in UPSC Civil Services Main Examination: Geography. Geography is now the most preferred subject among the optional subjects chosen by the candidates, followed by.

That is why UPSC has given aspirants to choose from an array of 51 Optional subjects (26 Literature + 25 non literature subjects) based on their interests and academic background. It is a common knowledge that many aspirants opt for subjects other than their graduation subjects. How to Prepare Optional Subject. Minimum material maximum revision. · How to Choose The Right Optional Subject For UPSC Civil Services Exam. Optional papers (Paper VI and Paper VII) of the UPSC Mains examination carry marks.

This accounts for almost 25 per cent of the total marks (), which is a combination of the written and personality tests. Post Author: Jovita Aranha; Post published: July 9,  · Which Optional Subject has the Least Syllabus in UPSC - Read this latest published blog post on which optional subject has least syllabus in UPSC Mains exam Anthropology optional is the best scoring optional for UPSC, IAS and Civil Service Exam. · The UPSC Optional Subjects list has 48 ghuu.xn--80aqkagdaejx5e3d.xn--p1ai where one subject has to be selected by the candidate for both their UPSC Optional ghuu.xn--80aqkagdaejx5e3d.xn--p1ainly, each optional subjects have two papers i.e Paper I and Paper II of marks, with a total of marks.

Upsc ias best optional subject

· The UPSC Civil Services exam has three stages (Prelims, Mains, Personality Test). Every year lakhs of aspirants apply. The exam process for every candidate is same but the things changer when it comes to the optional subject. In the Mains of the UPSC Civil Services exam, a candidate has to choose an optional subject.

This optional subject has 2. This article will guide you step to step about the decision making about UPSC Best Optional Subjects. The article will cover the success rates of all optional subjects, most opted optional subject, optional subject with most syllabus overlap with other papers and lastly a guide to select the optional subject.

· Optional Subject: No. of Candidates Appeared: No. of Candidates Recommended: Success Rate Percentage: Assamese Lit.

Which one is the Most Scoring Optional Subject for UPSC CSE Mains/ IAS Exam ?

5: 2: Punjabi Lit. 5: Agriculture. Optional Subject The coaching programmes for Optional Subjects are designed to progressively increase the subject expertise on every step (from NCERTs to Advance levels). It is a meticulously designed plan to manage one’s preparation of GS subjects and keep one on track towards covering the optional syllabus extensively.

Upsc ias best optional subject

सिविल सेवा में वैकल्पिक विषय के चयन संबंध में दो बातें महत्वपूर्ण है. 1.विषय आपको रुचिकर लगे 2.विषय अंकदायी हो चूँकि हमे सिविल सेवा में चयन हेतु अंको की.

Optional Subjects for Civil Services Main Exam. This is the complete list of optional subjects for the Civil Services Main examination. You have to opt for any one subject out of 26 subjects. Optional paper consists of two papers of marks each. DECIDING THE OPTIONAL SUBJECT. It is imminent that UPSC is trying to reduce the weightage of optional subject in CSE.

Intwo papers of the optional subject were replaced by. However, the notion of best optional is damaged, the optional subject with the highest number of recommended candidates are provided below.

Which is the Best Optional Subject for IAS Preparation

As stated by the 65th Annual Report of UPSC, the applicants with the greatest number of acclaimed in UPSC Civil Services IAS. Sapiens IAS is famous all over the country for providing anthropology coaching for IAS. We specialize in these two optional subjects for UPSC. Our goal is to make the study of anthropology more accessible.

Our courses are primarily divided into the following categories. List of Optional Subjects in UPSC IAS Exam The complete list of UPSC Optional subjects for civil services main examination is here.

You have to opt for any one subject.

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